The British Wood Flooring Company

The British Wood Flooring Company

Aged oak floors

Following a burst water pipe in the main bar area at our local Inn, we were asked to replace the entire floor area with a similar wood floor with the age and character of a country pub floor.   The flooring choice needed to fit within the realms of a realistic budget for a small family business.

We suggested using our ‘new’ English Oak floorboards and aging these when laid to give the appearance of a floor that has been in situ for many years, with the traffic and wear typically experienced around a bar area and entrance ways.


The existing floor was removed, with the English Oak being laid directly onto the joists in random widths and lengths. Very wide widths, up to 300mm, were laid alongside much narrower boards to emphasis the wider boards along the length of the bar. Floorboards were selected with rustic qualities such as knots, cats-paws and medullary rays to create a floor with the character and classic intrinsic qualities of an English Oak floor. Floorboards were secured with screws and pellets, ensuring a secure fitting that will keep the boards in place should there be excessive moisture or liquid spills on the floor.

To achieve the ageing effect boards were tumbled at the edges and treated locally to give band-saw marks, scuffing and staining typically experienced over time. The floors had several coats of tinted hard waxoil applied, this will not only ensure the floors have a degree of water resistance should drinks be spilt, but will also allow the floors to continue ageing with footfall and traffic across them.

The final result is a beautiful, aged Oak floor that has the feel of being in the pub for many years, these photographs were taken approximately three months after the floor was laid and finished, with the brief successfully achieved and the floor ready for many happy nights ahead.

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