Our highly skilled craftsmen and carpenters have many years experience with wood installation, refurbishment and the finishing of wood floors.  The team work across the UK and internationally on a vast range of projects from town houses to stately homes and country cottages.

Prior to installation, we are able to remove existing floors, lay sub-floors and address issues concerning skirting board adjustments, allowance for thresholds, matt-wells, fire hearths and stairs. Our floors are either sanded for a smooth finish or hand sanded to maintain the character and undulations inherent in the floorboards.

Stains, waxes or hardwax oils offer a variety of protection and sheen for all environments. Stains and dyes can be used to alter the colour and finish of the floor, further reactive stains can introduce striking colours that deliver real wow factor.  By sharing examples, preparing samples and talking tonal tonal hues with our clients, we help them to achieve the exact look and feel that they are after.

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