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The British Wood Flooring Company

Antique Parquet de Versailles – Gravetye Manor

We had the pleasure of supplying our Antique Oak Parquet de Versailles panels to compliment the new restaurant added to this quintessential English country hotel in the beautiful West Sussex countryside.

With the building of the new restaurant area, the client required a floor that was both a feature in its own right but also used materials in keeping with the age and character of the hotel.

Our Antique Oak Parquet de Versailles panels are hand-made from stocks of reclaimed oak floorboards from across Europe. The stock is circa 200 years old with and had aged due to footfall, exposure to sunlight  

Antique Parquet de Versailles - Gravetye Manor

and general wear and tear. The floorboards undulate given the wear and cupping occurring as the grain straightens over time. Faces of the boards have a patina unique to each board, along with defects and signs of wear typically expected with an old floor.

When making the Parquet de Versailles panels we de-nail and kiln dry all the stock before machining to the component parts. Panels are constructed by hand with each piece being fitted in place. Given the natural undulations of the oak, we hand-sand to remove stepping and to give the face of the panel an undulating finish.

When fitting these panels at the hotel, we worked from a centre line to the room. This takes the viewers eye along the floor to the glass doors, leading onto the renowned gardens at Gravetye Manor. Panels were then laid in a symmetrical pattern to the perimeter of the area whereby they are trimmed parallel to the walls to allow for a border to be fitted using the same Antique Oak.

When fitted the floor are given a light sand before being sealed in a durable lacquer given the amount of footfall expected across the floors.