The British Wood Flooring Company

The British Wood Flooring Company

antique oak floors

Our stunning antique oak floorboards are 200 years old and older with original defects and undulations that have occurred naturally through centuries of wear, reflecting their age.

Carefully sourced and sympathetically lifted from character properties such as châteaux, barns and cottages across the UK and Europe, these floorboards are totally bespoke and rich in character.  The age and history of the floorboards are apparent in the original patina of the wood.

Laid in traditional random widths across the floor, our antique oak boards are hand-waxed for durability, to nourish and feed the wood and buffed to give an incredible final sheen and lustre, enhancing their natural beauty.

Antique and are the perfect way to add an authentic and unique character to any room bringing with it a sense of original history and originality to a home. Each plank is individual, with its own story to tell.



Our teams have many years’ experience of installing and hand-finishing these floors. Each board is evaluated and considered to ensure the final floors achieves the ‘always been there’ look delivering an authentic, original floor that has timeless appeal