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The British Wood Flooring Company

Reclaimed Oak Floors – South coast Cottage

We were delighted to work with our client on replacing the original pine floorboards with Reclaimed Oak floors throughout the upper floors to this south coast, harbour side cottage.

Despite the very best of intentions to restore the original pine floor, when finally uncovered, the floor proved to be too damaged and distressed for refurbishment.

Our clients therefore opted to have a Reclaimed Oak floor installed to an open plan office/bedroom area, master bedroom and attic room, to include cladding two set of stairs and, using a character grade oak, to replace all skirting boards to these rooms.

Reclaimed Oak Floors - South coast Cottage

All subfloors had to be evened up to take out some of the dips and unevenness across the floors, typical of a cottage of this age and particularly on the stair treads were the unevenness of the treads made the steps dangerous.

The Reclaimed Oak floorboards were supplied in random widths up to 220mm wide and laid random course across the floors fixed using a flexible flooring adhesive to allow for seasonal movement expected with the oak boards. When laid, the floorboards were hand-sanded and skirting boards scribed to follow the undulations across the floors.

With stair treads and risers clad, all areas were then finished in two coats of a natural hard waxoil to give the floors durability and a degree of water resistance. The hard waxoil will nourish the oak and, with further coats when necessary, will allow the floors to age and develop their own unique patina for years to come.