The British Wood Flooring Company

The British Wood Flooring Company

Weathered Reclaimed Oak – bespoke Home Office

We were asked to provide a weathered Reclaimed Oak floor for installation in the purpose built home office. We worked with the client’s contractor on the specific floor detail and optimum installation process, as they were commissioned to fit the floorboards. Floorboards were supplied to a full thickness, with a tongue and groove profile for ease of fitting and to give the floorboards added strength when installed.

The client asked us to complete the finishing process with a grey, weather-beaten finish and oiled to give a more natural, authentic floor. After the floor was fitted, we went back to the site to fill and sand the floorboards sympathetically. Grey lye was applied to the floor and left overnight. The lye, being an ammonia-based product, reacts with the 

Weathered Reclaimed Oak - bespoke Home Office

tannins within the oak and the greying agent leaves an even coat of colour across the floor. With careful de-nibbing, we removed the surface layer leaving the grey tones within the grain and lows across the floor. Finally the floor is oiled to give protection.